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"The last few years have seen a big increase in the amount of Chen style taijiquan information available to the general public.  But itís still hard to find a better value than your e-book on the Chen 56 forms.
This routine is a simple way to practice the exciting Chen style, but the demanding effort and infinitely unfolding details of study will challenge and reward those who undertake this programme.  Itís great that you can print out the pages or the complete book if desired; the student can make his own study notebook in this way, while the full contents remain safely stored in your computer.  Above all, the great martial performance photographs are inspiring and show a modern, consistent method of expressing tai chi whole-body movement."

Paul Mushrush, United States


After 30 years of personal research in Chinese internal martial arts, we have condensed in one website all the major knowledge, information, materials that take years for anyone to refine and find out: you have it on this site. Of course it does not replace the assistance of a teacher beside you:
BUT it provides you ALL comprehensive steps in the marvelous trip to discover and deepen your knowledge of Tai Chi:
- From the conceptual basis (700 B.C): Lao Zi the author of Dao De Jing, the most essential Concept of Dao, The complete translation of Dao De Jing. These are the primar conditions to lay out your theoretical background to grasp later Tai Chi theories
- The subtitle elaboration of Wudang Daoism: To understand what are the cultural & mythological background of the place of birth of Tai Chi
- All information about Zhang Sanfeng, creator of Tai chi Six Combat strategies in Wudang Martial Arts: From Wudang Shan, discover his impact in Chinese history, then first application of Lao Zi theories in Wudang Martial Arts (including internal martial arts such as Tai Chi)
- Tai Chi History and his development in Five major styles
The origin theories are now presented in details, describing later the development of the five major styles of Tai chi
- Tai Chi correlated to others Martial arts: As a principle we are not closed to only Tai Chi (as during centuries as mutually influenced each other) but we present correlation of Tai Chi with other Chinese martial such as Shaolin, Meihua Quan, Praying Mantis etc...
- Collection of essential Tai Chi classics: 18 texts
Absolutely necessary reading for those who wants to go further than only performing the form, but also operating the internal transformation involved in Tai Chi training including pushing hands. These 18 texts are the second step in applying Lao Zi theories.
- Collection of further articles on Tai Chi: to complete the previous texts and link them to the contemporary Tai Chi s practice today.
- BUT NOT ONLY WORDS we provide also you also presentation of more than 60 different Forms of MOST POPULAR styles of Tai Chi practiced now in China, each form having Pictures completing the textual presentation, with a team of more than 40 top experts.
Tai Chi Competition: this new evolution of Tai Chi are under the impulsion of the Chinese Sports Departments, and as Taichi is part of Chinese Wushu, these are the forms selected for international competition, an we will certainly assist to their exponential development due to the most probable inclusion of Wushu in the future Beijing Olympics...
And we complete these previous materials with an exclusive collection of multimedia Taichi ebooks.




Exclusive materials, articles and ebooks on Traditional and Competition Taichi theories, frames (+60) & experts
in China - Yang style, Chen Style, Wu Style, Sun Style ...

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