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Chen Style Tai Chi New Frame 2nd Road

Chen-style Taiji Quan New Frame Routine No.2 is also called Cannon Hammer. It is in contrast to Routine I. It takes pick, separate, elbow and stick as its main movements and crack, stroke, squeeze and press as its auxiliary movements with hardness dwelling in softness. The whole play is forceful and explosive. You stamp your feet to apply force and you dodge and turn, rush and jump quickly and naturally. The player is like a fierce tiger jumping down from a hill; a dragon jumping out from the sea and a powerful lion shaking its hair. Exercise requirements: the body leading the hands, agile footwork, stable position, harmonious force, high-spirited, inflexible and fierce attack.

Here demonstrated by Chen Zhen Lei

Complete New Frame Routine No2
Buddha warrior attendant pounds mortar
Lazily tying coat
Defend heart punchcoat
Walk obliquelycoat
Pressing elbow fist
Entering blocking well
Body aside punch
Continuous Punches


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