23 Form Wudang Taiyi Wuxing
This e-book reveals a rare form of Wudang Martial Art, created during the Ming Dynasty five centuries ago, by the eighth-generation Zhang Shouxin. As major forms of Wudang school, this form is particularly recommended for cultivating Qi, building stronger body and for self-defense. It emphasizes on mind instead of brutal strength, good at fending off attacking force, but not for confrontation. The force exerted is like a silk work making a cocoon. This also confirms the strong connection between Wudang Martial Arts with Tai Chi Boxing, as in Chen Style one basic theory of training is the "silk reeling"... 

23 Form Taiyi Wuxing includes various martial techniques characterizing Wudang Boxing such as the 13 Tai Chi Forms but also Five animal exercises of Hua Tuo, the
legendary doctor in the Eastern Han Dynasty.
The author in this  e-book is more focus on providing explicit pictures of Wudang techniques than long theoretical presentation...

More than 390 photos. Including internal search engine.


"We have really rare materials on Wudang style and I am happy that this is available for people like me who wants to see more about it. I like the basic techniques of this e-book."
--- Robert J. France - August 2004

"I practice kungfu and Taoist Taichi for more than three years, the techniques of Wudang Taiyi are a good  complement to perfect my daily training. I just regret that the pictures are only B&W but the quality is ok. I hope than more e-books on Wudang will be published soon for the interest of everyone, as I really believe that they are the original style of Taoist Tai Chi."
--- Alfred H. Belgium C September 2004

23 Form Wudang Taiyi Wuxing

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23 Form Wudang Taiyi Wuxing - Taoist Grappling and Pounding Techniques

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