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Chen Style Tai Chi New Frame 1st Road

Chen-style Taiji Quan New Frame, which belongs to the series of Chen Changxing's traditional old Frame series, was created by the 17th Master named Chen Fake. This style is characterized as extensive, low and stable movements. The feet moves in agile steadiness with the body going straight and natural. Keep the internal energy filling the entire body. It takes ward off, deflect, shove and press as its main movements and trample, split, elbow and push as its auxiliary movements. The player mainly uses soft force to overcome the opponent's attack. Taking waist as the axis, he simultaneously turns his wrists and shoulders, ankles and knees with his chest and waist upright.

Here demonstrated by Chen Zhen Lei

Complete New Frame 1st Road
Commencing form
Single whip
Buddha warrior pounds mortar
Six Seals and four closures
Dragon comes out of water
Pushing hands
Walk obliquely and twist step
Cover hand and push


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