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Li Style Tai Chi Five Stars Hammer - 22 Forms

Li Style Tai Chi Quan is also called Tai Chi Five Stars Hammer, created by Famous master Mr. Li Ruidong and his good friend Mr. Wang Lanting and based on the actions of punching under elbow, punching with fingers and punching downward etc. It also absorbed some postures from Tai Chi 13 Form, BaGua Palm and Xingyi Boxing, using thoughts to practice and featuring the combination of toughness and softness and relaxing and stretching.Here the 3rd generation disciple, winner of National Wushu competition and famous master, Mr. Ma Jinlong instructs and his disciples, Cui Yuzhen, Zhang Xiuxiang, Ding Qi, Shi Pixin, Gong Ximing, Xu Qun and Gao Wei perform the complete taolus.

Five Stars Hammer - 22 Forms
Hold seven stars
Stretch both arms
Part hands
Golden cock swings leather
Golden cock stands on one foot
Brush hands
Hold seven stars
Cross legs and spreads arms like lightning


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