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Chen XinYi Hunyuan Tai Chi Style 32 Cannon Frame

Here is a powerful and unusual blending. Famous teacher Feng has combined Chen Tai Chi exercise with LiuHe Xin Yi and the Chi Kung benefits of Primordial Chi exercise HunYuan. This VCD shows a shortened version of Pao Chui CANNON FIST along with key points for boxing practice and for health preserving Chi movement.
Feng ZhiQiang is vice president of the BeiJing Municipal Martial Arts Association, President of BeiJing Municipal Chen Style Taiji Quan Research Institute, Chairman of HuaXia Martial Arts Club. He was Master ChenFaKe 's favorite student and is a 17th generation successor of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan .

Complete 32 Cannon Frame
Turn flowers out and brandish sleeves
Use waist to block elbow attack
Successive cannon pounding
Neglecting body pounding
Cloud hands
Wrap body pounding
Stop with elbow
Cut hand


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