Wu (Hao) Tai Chi : Competition Routine
Wu (Hao) Tai Chi Chuan: Competition Routine

The competition routine of Wu style Tai Ji Quan was created based on the traditional Wu (Wu Yuxiang or called Wu Yuxiang or even Woo...) style. It preserved the basic characteristics of the movements in the traditional one, like never extending the hands beyond the toes, and making each hand to handle the movements of its own side of the body. The sequence of the movements is arranged according to the traditional structure which reflects the traditional characteristics.

The whole routine is created with the emphasis on the competitive requirement, the specific difficult movement and the connections, like “left slap foot”, “turn body and lotus kick”, and “jump step and strike groin with fist”.

Wu style Tai Ji Quan is different from Chen style or Yang style. Its main characteristics are as the followings: The external movements and postures are compact and simple; the force of the movements is adequate and continuous; the momentum is delicate and centered with awareness; the process of the movements is consistent and rhythmic with many closings and openings; the speed of the movements is comfortably paced, and your mind is beyond your movements.

This edition is supervised Professorial team of Beijing University of Physical Education where famous experts such as Meng Huifeng, Wudong are actively working for the development of standard versions of Tai Chi Chuan, thus the collaboration with the inheritor of this Style Qiao Songmao, makes this material highly valuable, in addition this e-book includes also:

- Basic exercises of this style (Zhuang Gong)

- Detailed comments and information for Key Technical Movements

- A complete Chart of the routine

- The complete guide of Tai Chi Competition routines

More than 280 color and B&W photos.


"Thanks to this downloadable series on Tai Chi, as it is really difficult to find any book on this rare style, I appreciate this compact style but also comfortable."
--- Zhu D. US - July 2004

"Wu (Hao) style, remind me some external styles of boxing such as Wing Tsun, compact, short movements, in order to be able to chain them very fast at will as I trained years before. Now as my interest is drifting to Tai Chi, maybe because also of my age, the Wu Style seems to be a very good compromise between hard and soft but in short distance movement instead of the large ones of Yang style. In addition the hands posture provides after a certain period of training, electricity sensations such as in zhan zhuang of Yiquan.It is for me the proof that my internal strength is increasing. Your ebook is a valuable material to understand it and to pick up training."
--- Yves H.  France– September 2004

Wu (Hao) Tai Chi : Competition Routine 

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Wu(Hao) Tai Chi Chuan: Competition Routine  

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