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Wu Style Tai Chi Broadsword

Wu family style Tai Chi Broadsword Contents: Traditionally Tai Chi Broadsword is called "13 Tai Chi Broadsword Chops" because the movements of Tai Chi Broadsword have only pithy formulas, different from boxing and sword in that their movements have their own names. In Wu style Tai Chi Chuan body posture and footwork, you should play broadsword tough during one second and gentle the following second, with your hands and the broadsword well coordinated. Each movement should be distinctly performed and your force is applied to a point. Explained and demonstrated by Li Bingci.

13 Forms Broadsword Frame
Step forward with seven stars, cross blo
Parry and counterattack fiercely
Left and right ward
White crane spreads wings
Wind rolls up the lotus leaf
Jade girl works shuttle on 8 directions
Three stars open and close freely
Kick the tiger





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