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Chen Style Tai Chi 56 Forms

Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan has the longest history, featuring the twisting, relaxing, tough and soft movements and obvious rhythm. The 56 Forms is based on traditional taolu and was created by some experts and masters organized by China Wushu Research Academy. It keeps the characteristics of tradition, science and competition, not only meeting the competition regulation, but also containing standard postures, abundant application skills and balance. Therefore this Frame is also recommended for those who wish to improve their health and acquire self defence skills.

Here it is demonstrated by Huo Dongli, winner of several competitions in Taichi and Bagua.

More about Chen Style Tai Chi 56 Forms

Complete Chen 56 Forms
Single whip on the left
Walk obliquely
Punch under crotch
White monkey presents
Middle plate
Part wild horse mane
Swing lotus and squat downward
Left right golden cock stands on foot


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