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Tai Chi 24 Form

24 form Tai Chi Chuan is also called Simplified Tai Chi Chuan. It was created up in 1956 by the former National Sports Committee. It has 24 forms including the beginning and the ending but also maintaining the features of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. This form has been largely diffused and constitutes often the first entry form in Tai Chi Chuan. The movements are well selected and easy to learn. Their arrangements are simple and ideal for the beginners.

Here demonstrated by Chen Sitan, also called "The Prince of Taichi"

More about Tai Chi 24 Form

Complete 24 Forms
Single whip
Seals and closures
Left right whirl arms on both sides
Kick right foot
Turn around, deflect downward, parry and p
Left right work on shuttle
Grasp peacock tail on the right
Cross hands


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