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Zhao Bao Tai Chi 108 Forms

Zhaobao Taiji Quan consists of 108 movements. The external and internal three integrations are the basic requirements to practice it. The external three integrations means that hands should be integrated with feet, elbows with knees and waists with hips. The internal three integrations refer to the integration of mind with intention, Qi (internal energy) with force, and posture with bones. While practicing, your hands, feet and body should cooperate well and move smoothly so that they can generate the force as a whole. Each movement should be performed clearly and distinctly. Demonstrated by Wang Haizhou.
Wang Haizhou is now one of the one-hundred most famous modern hand form masters and the fifteenth-generation disciple of Zhaobao-style Taiji Quan. He is also a consultant to the Research Institute of Wudang Quan, the general coach of Yongnian International Taiji Quan Institute, and vice president and general coach of Wengxian Zhaobao-style Taiji Quan Association.

108 Forms
Turn palm
Open and close
Ling Luo form
Chin Nah (Joint locking)
Crushing step and ten fingers
Withdraw Pipa
Separate tied hands
Pointing fists


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