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Sun Style Tai Chi Traditional Taolu

Sun Style Tai Chi Quan was created by famous master Mr. Sun Lutang. It combines the essentials from Xing Yi, Bagua and Tai Chi Chuan. It has pretty connection among taolus and the postures are followed while you stride and returned while you retreat, just like running clouds and flowing water, very fluent. Every form begins with "seals and closures" (kai/he) so it is recalled "Seals and Closures Tai Chi". Among Sun style taolus, are included Traditional 98 Forms, 42 forms and Competition 73  forms.

Below Sun Style Taichi Chuan 98 Forms is performed by the 3rd generation inheritor of Mr. Sun Lutang, Sun Shurong, Sun Baoheng.

Traditional Taolu
Drive monkey reversely
Walk forward and punch
Jade girl works on the shuttle
Cloud hands drop
Cross hands and swing lotus
Lazily tying coat
Three step back
Part wild horse mane


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