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It is said that when Ma-Mingsheng was young, he was hurt to dying by the robbers and was saved by a god's medicine. So he left home to learn Taoism for An-Qisheng.
An-Qisheng, a god in Taoist history, enjoyed a very long life, so was name one-thousand-year man. He often traveled to sell medicines and made friends with Yingzheng, the first emperor of Qin Dynasty. He gave his Book of Taiqing Medicine to Ma, and Ma went to Wudang Mountain made medicines with his wife. When his medicine was made, he first took half and became immortal god in the mortal world and took his students to travel all over the country; when he then took the other half, he became a god in Heaven.


Yin-Xi, a doctor in 1067-1042 BC, was good at astrology. Once when he was watching the astronomical phenomenon, he found a group of purple cloud floating westward and predicted that a profound Taoist would pass through Hanguguan. In order to make known with the Taoist, he decided to become official of Hanguguan. Later, actually a profound Taoist, Laozi coming near to Hanguguan in a green ox, so he went to meet him with his students and asked Laozi teach him Taoism. Then Laozi stayed here and wrote two books to him, Book of Dao and Book of De, which is the famous Book of Virtue.
After he got the book, he pretended to being ill and stopped being the official and went to Wudang Mountain to cultivate in a cliff, Yin-Xi Cliff. When Laozi heard this, he came to Wudang Mountain in the green ox to visit Yin-Xi, and the two started their traveling without any more information. Later, the mountain visited by Laozi was named Green Goat Mountain; the stream passed by Laozi the Manger Stream.


Zhu-geliang, a clever man in Three Kingdoms, living in Wolong Valley, Longzhong, Sichuang Province, read all the famous persons' books in the corner of planting in the field. He was good at making friends with famous men of letters and modest to learn from others. After learned from many famous men and studied military books and Taoism, he became a man full of knowledge in Taoism, politics, and military affairs.
After he became knowledgeable, he was made prime minister of Sichuang by Liu-Bei, one the three emperors of the three kingdoms, and demonstrated his cleverness in many things, which were recorded in many stories, such as Three-Times Visiting Grass-hut.
There were four schools of Taoists, leaving the world, living in the world, hiding in the world, and ruling the world. Zhu-Geliang was the example of living in and ruling the world. In all his life, he had learned many things in Taoism, among which were politics, military affairs, astrology, calendar laws, and medicines, magical arts, which had played an important role in his life with Liu-Bei.


Yao-Jian, born in Sui Dynasty, was made Junzhou official to govern Wudang area by Li-Shiming, the second emperor of Tang Dynasty, after he helped the latter become emperor.
During the years between 627 and 648, there broke drought and disaster of grasshopper in China. Li ordered Yao-Jian to pray for rain in Wudang Mountain. Yao heard that there were five dragons cultivating in Wudang Mountain and that when asking for rain in the year of drought, there would be a heavy rain, so he accept the order and succeeded in praying for rain on Wudang Mountain. Therefore, Li ordered to build Five-dragon Temple to worship the five dragons.
After succeeded in praying for rain, Yao got tired of being an official in government and wanted to learn Taoism. When he got permission, he took his family to Five-dragon Temple and then became god. Xuan Emperor sent him to protect Wudang area and save the country out of the disaster of drought and grasshopper several times, so the government of Song Dynasty ordered to build Mighty Temple in the Purple Cloud Palace for him.


Lv-Chunyang, or, Lv-Dongbin, a famous Taoist in Tang Dynasty, was one of the eight immortals in legend. According to the history, his father, whose surname was Li, was the offspring of the royal family of Tang Dynasty; his mother had surname Lv. Lv-Dongbin, formerly named after his father, and passed the imperial examination to become Zhuang-yuan. But later Wu-Zetian robbed the kingship and cruelly persecuted the offsprings of the royal family of Tang Dynasty, so Lv-Dongbin changed to name after his mother and began hermit in deep mountains. First, he cultivated in Hua Mountain, in Shanxi Province, and succeeded in gaining the power of three elements (the heaven, the earth, and the man). Because he worked hard to help humans, so Jade Emperor named him God Zhuang-yuan, the founder of religion. He often visited Wudang Mountain and culitivated there, so he was very familiar with Taoist history. There is a cliff named Dongbin Cliff, where may be his place to cultivate.



Sun-Simiao, born in 581, lived 102 years. According to the history, he was born clever and could recite more than one thousand poems at the age of seven. When he grew up, he specialized in the theories of Laozi and Zhuangzi; and then he cultivated in Changbai Mountain, to research the knowledge to rule the country and help the man, being good at astrology, calendar laws, magical arts, and medicines.
He once cultivated in Lingxu Cliff, in Five-dragon Hill, Wudang Mountain. He had written thirty kinds of books, such as Medicine Book of One Thousand Prescriptions, Book on Nutrition-Absorbing, and Gist of Taiqing Medicines and so that Taoist books, was regarded as Chinese famous Taoist philosopher, and Medicine Master.
In 682, after he had a bath and fast, he sat there and died. It is said that when the people put him into the coffin, there just clothes left, his body had gone to become god.



Chen-Zhuan, born in 871 and died in 989, lived 118 years. He was very clever and easy to learn any thing, but could not passed the imperial examination; so lost hope in being an official in the government and began to visit scenic spots and places of interest. Influenced by many Taoists with whom he had made friends, he began learn Taoism and cultivated in Wudang Mountain for 30 years. Taught Sleeping Skill by the five dragons, he created his own Sleeping Gongfu, the first mystery in the world. There were two Chinese characters "Fortune" and "Longevity" in the wall of South Cliff Hall, the moral of his Sleeping Gongfu, which were well protected. Five-dragon Palace, Pavilion to Read Scriptures, White Cloud Cliff, and Nine-room Cliff were all his places to cultivate. He had made great success in the research of Taiji Diagram, and greatly influenced Song Dynasty, Taoism and Confucism. He had written some important books, such as, Discussion on Mystery, Moral of the Three Hills, Collections of Gaoyang, Collections of Fishing Pool.
He died on July 22, 988. After he died, his body kept warm for seven days and there were colorful clouds floating in and outside his room for over a month.



Zhang-Shixun was born poor in Junzhou, at foot of Wudang Mountain. When he was reading in Taoist Children Hall in Wudang Mountain, some Taoists asked him to learn Taoism from then, he didn't agree; but kept on study Confucism and became Prime Minister of Kangxi Emperor in Qing Dynasty.
Later, influenced by Taoism and Taoist's prediction, and the evil conditions in the government made him leave government for Taoism. So he cultivated in Wudang Mountain and succeeded in becoming god.



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