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Chen Style Tai Chi Double Swords Frame

Based on the routine of the double broadswords, this routine of Chen-style Taiji Double Swords is created with the body position and the techniques of the single sword of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. There are 39 movements in this routine. The swords are played smoothly and continuously as water running or cloud flying. When rushing round, the player is like a butterfly dancing and when crouching like a tiger ready to pounce. He turns round like a python or a black bear, quickly and powerfully. The whole play shows Tai Chi Chuan double features of hardness and toughness with softness and looseness dwelling in.

Demonstrated here by Chen Zhenlei.

Chen Double Swords Frame
Starting form
Phoenix turns and spreads wings
Left warrior defeats dragon
Right warrior defeats dragon
Turn body and chop
Left right polishing plate
Pierce tiger continuously
Embrace moon


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