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Zhao Bao Tai Chi Straight Sword

As a one of the short weapons of Zhaobao Taiji Quan, Zhaobao Taiji Sword is played with 57 movements in round circles in which the sword moves with the drive of your body, feet and hands. One circle is crossly connected with another, freely to right or left, forward or backward. When practicing, the player and the sword should move as a whole, forcefully and with flexibly.
Wang Haizhou is now one of the one-hundred most famous modern hand form masters and the fifteenth-generation disciple of Zhaobao-style Taiji Quan. He is also a consultant to the Research Institute of Wudang Quan, the general coach of Yongnian International Taiji Quan Institute, and vice president and general coach of Wengxian Zhaobao-style Taiji Quan Association.

Straight Sword Frame
White monkey presents fruit
Black bear turns back
Protect wrist
Protect knee
Dragonfly touches the surface of water
Spread two fingers out
Turn and hack downward
Hack on the left


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