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The Thirteen Posture Form Translated by Peter Lim Tian Tek


1. Grasp Sparrow's Tail

2. Single Whip

3. Lift Hands Upwards Posture

4. White Crane Reveals Wings

5. Brush Knee Bend Step

6. Hand Play The Lute Posture

7. Brush Knee Bend Step

8. Hand Play The Lute Posture

9. Deflect, Parry And Punch

10. Apparent Closure

11. Embrace Tiger Push Mountain

12. Single Whip

13. Under Elbow See Fist

14. Repulse Monkey

15. White Crane Reveals Wings

16. Brush Knee Bend Step

17. Three Through Back

18. Single Whip

19. View Hands (Yun Shou - same pronounciation as Cloud Hands)

20. High Pat Horse

21. Left Right Lift Legs

22. Turn Body And Kick With Leg

23. Treading Step Hit With Fist

24. Turn Over Body Double Lift (Double Lift Legs)

25. Drape Body (Chop With Fist)

26. Kick With Leg

27. Kick With Sole

28. Step Forward, Deflect, Parry And Punch

29. Apparent Closure

30. Embrace Tiger Push Mountain

31. Slanting Single Whip

32. Part Wild Horse's Mane

33. Single Whip

34. Fair Lady Threads Shuttle

35. Single Whip

36. View Hands

37. Downward Posture

38. Change Chicken Standing On One Leg

39. Repulse Monkey

40. White Crane Reveals Wings

41. Brush Knee Bend Step

42. Three Through Back

43. Single Whip

44. View Hands

45. High Pat Horse

46. Cross Sweep Lotus (Cross Figure Single Sweep Lotus)

47. Step Forward Point Fist At Pubic

48. Step Forward Grasp Sparrow's Tail

49. Single Whip

50. Downward Posture

51. Step Forward Seven Stars

52. Step Down Ride Tiger

53. Turn Leg Sweep Lotus

54. Bend Bow Shoot Tiger

55. Double Draping Fist


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