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Unusual birth

Wudang Mountain is the Holy Land where Emperor Zhenwu cultivated himself and succeeded in becoming a god. But here was not his birthplace; he was born in the west of the sky, the other side of the Pacific Ocean.
In ancient times, there was a country called Jingle, in which the emperor was upright and strict, the queen beautiful and kind; they ran the country so successfully that the people led a peaceful and joyful life.
One day, the weather was quite fine and the queen had a happy mood too; so she went out for a walk in the Imperial Garden. Suddenly, she saw a group of color clouds with a lot of gods on. One god bought a red sun and threw it down to the earth. When approaching the queen, the sun turned into a red fruit and moved in her mouth and slid in the stomach. So she began to be pregnant.
The queen had been pregnant for almost fourteen months. On March 3 of the next year, she felt a heavy pain in the belly, knowing that the child was going to come out. At that time, groups of color clouds flied over the palace and groups of birds sang happily over the palace, and there was full of fragrance in the palace. She gave birth to a white and fat baby. All the country talked about the birth of the prince.
In order to memorize the birth of the prince, people built a palace named Jingle Palace near Wudang Mountain. Wudang Taoism has set the birthday of Emperor Zhenwu, March 3 in lunar calendar, a great festival on which they hold various solemn activities every year.


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