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Plain Sayings On Each Posture Song by Li I Yu
Translated by Peter Lim Tian Tek

Raise and prop (the head), lift the pubic, conceive in the mind,
Loosen the shoulders, sink elbows, qi at the tan tien;
Wrap the pubic,protect the abdomen must downward posture,
Hollow chest, raise back, return to natural.
First posture left right Lazily Arranging Clothes,
Two hands pushing out pulling single whip.
Lift Hands Up Posture looking towards space,
White Crane Reveals Wing fly up to the sky.
Brush Knee Bend Step hit to the front,
Hand Playing The Lute hides and draws close to the side.
Brush Knee Bend Step repeat the Downward Posture,
Hand Playing The Lute again once more.
Step forward first hit with Palm To The Face,
Deflect, Parry, Punch hits the front of the chest.
Apparent Closure pushes to the front,
Draw Body Embrace Tiger go push the mountain.
Return body pull to form Single Whip,
Fist Under Elbow hits the centre of the waist.
Repulse Monkey repeats the posture 4 times,
White Crane Reveals Wings until the cloud top.
Brush Knee Bend Step must Downward Posture,
Withdraw Body Lute at front of chest.
Press Posture overturn body Three Through Back,
Twist neck turn the head back pull Single Whip.
View Hands three times then High Pat Horse,
Left Right Lift Legs who dares stand in the way.
Turn Body One Leg (kick) Then Plant Fist,
Overturn Body Double Lift kick to break the sky.
Hold hody retreat step Subdue Tiger Posture,
Kick With Leg Turn Body is tightly continuous.
Kick With Sole step forward deflect, parry, hit,
Apparent Closure hands face the front.
Embrace Tiger Push Mountain repeat Downward Posture,
Turn head back and again pull Single Whip.
Part Wild Horse's Mane advances towards the front,
Lazily Arranging Clothes is indeed fresh.
Turn Body again pull Single Whip,
Fair Lady Threads Shuttles complete the four corners.
Change pull Single Whip is really ingenious,
View Hands Downward Posture probes the pure spring.
Change Chicken Stands On One Leg is divided into left and right,
Repulse Monkey is again repeated.
White Crane Reveals Wing extends the body,
Brush Knee forward hand is down at the side.
Press Posture Green Dragon again emerges from the water,
Turn body again and again pull Single Whip.
View Hands High Pat palm against heart,
Cross Figure Sweep Lotus overturns to the back.
Point Fist To Pubic hits downwards,
Lazily Arranging Clothes in tight continuity.
Again pull Single Whip again Downward Posture,
Step up begin dischage Seven Star Fist.
Withdraw body step backwards pull Riding Tiger,
Turn leg out hit Double Sweep Lotus.
Scoop Up The Moon At The Sea Bottom must have Downward Posture,
Bend Bow Shoot Tiger neck faces forward.
Embrace Twin Fists who dares advance,
Walk the whole earth no one dares stand in the way.
This song this song 60 verses,
If don't meet an intimate friend don't transmit lightly.


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