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Simplified Forms Taichi 48 Forms

Tai Chi Quan 48 Forms is a classical Taolu created and compiled by Chinese experts, professors and scholars organized by Wushu Researching Academy of China National Sports Commission. It is mainly based on Yang style Tai Chi, also absorbing the essentials from Chen, Wu and Sun style Tai Chi. The movements are more standard, simplified and easy for the passionate to learn. It is the best way for people to build up the body and form the temper.
The performer, Mr. Chen Sitan, won the champion title of man's Tai Chi Chuan of World Wushu Tournament twice, the champion of Tai Chi Chuan of Asian Sports Meeting, the champion of man's Tai Chi Chuan of the 8th China National Sports Meeting and so on with total 32 golden metals in the competition of Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi Sword up to now, honored as the "Price of Tai Chi ". His actions feature stretching completely and strongly, He was selected as one of one hundred Wushu celebrities in 1995 and is the standing director of Fujian Wushu Association and member of the 8th Fujian Political Consultant Commission now. Many home and abroad organizations often invited him to speech and instruct Tai Chi Chuan.

Complete 48 Forms
Lean obliquely
Punch through bottom of elbow
Step back and whirl arms on both sides
Turn and push palm
Hold Pipa right
Brush knees and punch downward
Pat on the foot and hold tiger
Stand on one foot and raise hand


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