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Wu Style Tai Chi Tuishou and Adhesive Rod (Cudgel)

Tai Chi Tuishou (pushing hands) is a fundamental component of Tai Chi training, involving two partners. It has two purposes, one is for further training for sparring  the other is for health preservation. It can be later on a specialization for the practitioner who will deepen his knowledge in Tai Chi but also acquire a greater control of his balance. Tai Chi pushing is a method , where the practitioner learns to manage distance between him and his partner, sticking to his hands, combining harmoniously upper and lower limbs. It is also an efficient way to improve your perception of your opponent's incoming power and to learn how to manage his incoming power.

Adhesive rod (Cudgel) is a traditional weapon of Chinese Martial Arts generally speaking beyond the sphere of Tai Chi Chuan. It has been cherished by kungfu experts for its specific training in increasing strength and precision of movements. In addition the training of adhesive rod should also include two partners training which gains the name of "adhesive rod" where the main principle is to "stick" to your partner cudgel.

Demonstrator/Teacher: Li Bingci who in his early age, learnt Tai Chi, TongBei, Xingyi Quan and other forms from many famous boxers such as Yang Yuting, Shi Zhenggang, Luo Xingwu, Shan Xiangling and Liu Tanfeng. . He has been appointed as the the vice chairman of the Tokyo Tai Chi Association. Li is presently member of China Wushu Coaching Association and Beijing Wushu Association respectively. He is also vice president of Beijing Wu Style Tai Chi Quan Research Institute.

Wu Pushing Hands
Pushing hands 1
Pushing hands 2
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