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Super God of Originality

"Super God" is a title for the most distinguished heavenly Gods in Taoism. There are not so many gods can be bestowed the title "Super God". While the three Qings, i.e., Yuqing Super God of Originality, Shangqing Linbao Super God and Taiqing Super God of Moral, are among the group. The celestial residences of the three gods are called Yuqing, Shangqing and Taiqing Territory.
Among the three Qings, Super God of Originality has the highest official rank, for he is the forefather of all the Gods in the Taoism. The Word originality is a term to describe the source or root of the universe. Later according to this word the Taoists transfer it to an image as the most distinguished God. In Taoist books, Super God of Originality is said to live on the thirty-sixth layer of Heaven. And He has existed before all the things are created, never vanished and will be eternal. He will descend from Heaven to teach people and transmit knowledge to human beings when a new world is set up. Super God of Originality is generally worshiped in the middle of the statues of the three
gods. Over his head mysterious light broods. Body in the robe, he wears an upright coronet. His left hand is seemingly grabbing something while the right hand is upward and half-opened. The gestures symbolize the state of chaotic and unformed universe.


Super God of Holy Mist

Super God of Holy Mist is the next to Super God of Originality, also called Taishang Taoist. According to Taoist documents, he was born from the elementary materials before the world was set up. It is said that he originated from the light and nutrition of the sun and moon, smoke and mist of the universe, and was born after he stayed in the belly of the universe for 3700 years. He has been living in the mysterious jade mansion in the Shangqing territory, escorted by 30,000 virginal boys and girls respectively. He has saved uncountable sinful people from the hellish situation. He is said to be able to exist in 36 different states and 72 sub-states. In fact, he is almost omnipresent
In the temple, his statue is usually put on the left hand to that of Super God of Originality. In his hand there is a Taiji Chart or a Jade Ruyi that symbolizes auspiciousness.


Super God of Moral

Among the Three Qings, Super God of Moral is the most well known. At the beginning, Super God of Moral is also called Taishang Laojun, an honorable title for Laozi, Li-Er, the founder of the school of Taoism before the Qin Dynasty. Because he was born with complete white hairs, so people gave him a name Laozi, means an old man.
According to Taoist scripts, it was Laozi who spread the essence of Taoism, which exists before the existence of world, can function as the root of the royal family and the guidebook for cultivating immortals. He employed his unusual wisdom to write down the 5,000 words Book of Moral (Book of Virtue). In the process of the history, all walks of people, such as militarist, law researcher, diplomatist, boxer and astrologist, etc. from the Book, have sought the inspiration and encouragement, sources and principals of their theories and regulations. While Taoism has taken Book of Moral as the holy scripts, given great amount of illustrations from the perspectives of the conception of laws and Virtue and formed their unique principals of theology. And on the basis of the principles, Taoism has formed their own doctrines and creeds by derivation and deduction.

By apotheosis and added explanations of generations, Laozi has already been canonized as a super God of opening a new era.
He has white hairs, an affable smile and a divine fan in his hand.

Emperor Jade

He is the supervisor of all the Gods and the creator of the World. The Chinese Yu refers to the word "Imperial" which is exclusive for the emperor.
In Taoism, Emperor Jade, the highest emperor in heaven, is in charge of heaven, the earth and the waters, all the affairs in all the four directions and all the lives.
The antitype of Emperor Jade originated from the ancient adoration to heavenly emperor. In the primitive societies, the people venerated the natural Gods of the sun, the earth, the thunder and the lightning; therefore, omnipotent heavenly emperor, who takes charge of the other gods, appeared. Later canonized by the rulers of all dynasties, that emperor became the most distinguished almighty Emperor Jade in charge of the universe and all creatures.



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