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Yang Style Tai Chi 56 Forms Sword

Yang Style Tai Chi Sword belongs to "Will Sword" with the attracting verve and combination of toughness and softness, featuring elegancy and agility and enjoying better popularity among people. The set of Yang Style Tai Chi Sword form was created by Mr. Li Tianji, one of the ten most famous masters, based on the traditional taolus, with the characteristics of Yang Style Tai Chi Quan and Sword. It kept the traditional style, confirmed the standard of sword-playing and added the balancing and somersaulting actions, making it more beautiful and valuable.
Professor Li Deyin, Vice Chairman of Beijing Martial Arts Association, explains and Mrs. Zhang Jie, Deputy Professor of China People's University, performs the complete taolu.

56 Forms Sword
Dragonfly touches surface of water
Left right sweep
Old man goes fishing
Green Dragon comes out of water
Running tiger holds head
Rein in a horse in front of cliff
Shooting the goose
Green dragon spreads paw


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