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Chen Thunder Style Tai Chi Shape Frame

"Hu Lei Jia" - "Sudden Thunder" Frame of Chen Style Taijiquan is one of the less known branches of the style. Created by Li Jingyan, one of Chen Qingping's most prominent students, it combines movements of Big Frame, Small Frame as well as Second Set of Chen style Taijiquan. It uses short power, released in a sudden, explosive way, "just like a thunder striking suddenly on a dry day" -hence the name. Hulei Frame is taught in clear steps, and with each step the basic routine is modified to increase level of difficulty and train more advanced aspects of the form. Demonstrated by Chen Qinglei, 4th generation inheritor of Hulei Jia.

Complete Shape Frame
Both hands push
Grasp and punch
Correct form
High pad on the horse
Single whip
Seven stars stepping forward
Double fists punch against kicking


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