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Chen Style Tai Chi 108 Forms

Demonstrated here by by Yong Fu Chen, Coach and Committee member of Xian Wushu Association, also Vice-Chairman of Xian Chuahua Wushu School.
This Long Fist Chen Style has been created by Chen TingYuan. Some people believe that it was the foundation of what we know now as Chen Style Tai Chi. Certain historical records indicate that there were more sets of Chen style than it exists nowadays. As part of number of others recorded sets this frame was lost by the Chen Family during its 13th generation, because at this time the unique 12th generation inheritor, Chen BuFu, left Chen JiaGou (Chen Village). This Chen BuFu was accused to have committed a crime while aiding other people. He was relocated in ShanXi region and changed his name to Guo YungFu. In 1975 a master LiQing Chen visited master Hsu Fongqin in ShanXi and recovered this form.

Complete Chen 108 Forms taolu
Turn and defend kicking
Kick upward
Black tiger blocks the way
Step forward and protect heart
Go to the mountain and hold tiger
Beat drum
Buddha raises palm


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