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Tai Chi Competition 42 Forms

Tai Chi Chuan 42 Forms is also called 42 Forms Competition routine set up in 1989 by the Wushu Research Institute of the former National Sports Committee. It consists of 42 movements including the beginning from and the ending form. Based on Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and absorbing some other features of Chen style, Wu style, and Sun style, it has something new of it's own. It's movements are well arranged and regarded as the standard in this field. This routine is difficult to practice, so it is ideal for keeping fit.

Performed by Wu Amin, one the most brilliant disciple of Master Li Deyin.

More about Tai Chi Competition 42 Forms

Complete Competition 42 Forms
Left single whip
Grasp and squeeze
Open and close hands
Beat tiger on one foot
Golden cock stands on one foot
Squat and press
Squat and lean
Left right kick



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