Authentic Yang Tai Chi : The most complete book written by Yang Zhenduo and Yu Gongbao
Authentic Yang Tai Chi Chuan: The most complete reference book on Yang style

The Grand son of Yang Chengfu, Yang Zhenduo is revealing the most important knowledge and exercises in complementary to the Big Frame practice for Yang Tai Chi.
He wrote this book in collaboration with Yu Gongbao an expert of Chinese Internal Arts to provide a more complete and rigorous reference materials for the most popular style of Tai Chi Chuan which is Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.

After an introduction of the Yang style about its origin and history, the most important Yang Chengfu's Classics are presented for a clear basis of the principles that the practitioner will have to apply during his practice.
A very valuable part of this book is also where Yu Gongbao has brilliantly collaborated with Yang, the Basic exercises: a real gold mine for any Taichi practitioner: including simple techniques but also building internal strength through stake exercises and body preparation to perform correctly the taolu.

The final part is the presentation and the performance of Yang Zhenduo of the traditional Yang Tai Chi frame: 103 Forms in his purest performance.

In pdf file. More than 675 color photos. 156 pages.

Chapter I - Tai Chi and Tai Chi Chuan: Explanations on the Chinese philosophy of Tai Chi and its relation with Tai Chi Chuan
Chapter II - Origins and evolution of Yang style: Here is an interesting review of historical development of Yang style and comparison with styles such as Chen style Taichi.
Chapter III - Yang Chengfu's Classics: these three classics are the original texts from which most of contemporary Taichi writers have been inspired.
Chapter IV - This Chapter is dedicated to the concept of whole body exercise in Yang Tai Chi.
Chapter V - Basic Features in training: Here Yang & Yao deal with the four aspects of Tai Chi Yang training which are The Form itself, Gathering Energy, Power training, Mind training.
Chapter VI - Basic Technical knowledge: A clear presentation of hands and legs forms, techniques and steps involved in Yang style.
Chapter VII - Basic Complementary Techniques: Very important! Traditionally practicing only the form is not enough, thus additional exercises are included to complete the body/mind conditioning in Taichi. They include further energy adjustment exercises, fitness exercises and special single exercises to facilitate the the performance of the form.
Chapter VIII - Major points to improve your Yang style Taichi practice by Yang Zhenduo
Chapter IX - Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan 103 Forms: Here each form is presented and demonstrated by Yang Zhenduo

And the companion video:

- Step by step video of 103 forms by the grand son of Yang Zhenduo, Yang Jun.more than 60mn. Mpg files.
- Complete Taolu of  Yang 49 Forms. Mpg file.


"This ebook on Authentic Yang is definitively my handbook for Taichi practice. These series of complementary exercises in Tai Chi are really a must, I found them really useful for my daily practice. Thanks also Yang Zhenduo to give us the basic Classics, I like to read them over and over to get this necessary background."
--- Eduardo D. Argentina - January 2005

"There are many materials on Yang Tai Chi but I wish I found earlier this one one It would save me a lot of time!!!  Thanks to Yang Zhenduo and Yu Gongbao"
--- Maurice T. Belgium C January 2005

Authentic Yang Tai Chi : The most complete book written by Yang Zhenduo and Yu Gongbao 

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