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Chen Style Tai Chi Thunder Frame

HuLei Jia or "Thunder Style" is the last flowering of the Chen Family Tai Chi. It specializes in Fa Chin or Energy Issuance but at a much higher level than many other versions of Chen style. It is also known as having definite "levels of performance" that take the practitioner through a regimented. Thunder Style orginated in Wang Ge Dang village less than ten miles from Chen Jia Guo and is considered an authentic and important branch of the Chen that, until recently, was almost extinct. Chen Qinglei is the 15th generation Chen Tai Chi inheritor and a Fourth Generation lineage holder in Thunder Style. Thunder style, almost single handedly rescued from oblivion by Adam Hsu, is the "last" form of Tai Chi developed by the Chen Family. An amazing style we had the priviledge to observe during our 1994 trip in China demonstrated by this man and his relatives. Thunder Style, beside having an unusual and explosive method of Fa Chin (Energy Issuance) is very important in the Tai Chi world as having discernable levels of competence which can be applied to any form of Tai Chi.

Part of taolu
White crane spreads wings
High pat on horse
Flash the arm
Kick two times
Cloud hands
Brush right foot
Throw and punch


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