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Yang Style Tai Chi Big Frame

Tai Chi Big Frame 108 form is the basic form Funei (king's family) Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. The posture of the practitioner is stable with slow movements of both hands. The techniques are quite graceful with hands reaching out slowly, roundly, and calmly. The health benefits of this form include improved blood circulation. Move using the bow stance with head upright, shoulders down, stomach in, and hands at hip level. Move the two hands continuously as if pulling a silk thread and walk steadily like a cat, trying to be active in stillness and still in activeness.
Lecturer: Li Zheng, the 5th generation disciple of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and the 6th generation disciple of Yang Funei Style Tai Chi Chuan school.

Big Frame
Small tiger pushes mountain
Grasp peacock tail back and forth
Drive monkey reversely
Posture of kneading ball
Single whip obliquely
Grasp peacock tail obliquely
Punch under elbow
Left right brush knee three times


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