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Chen Style Tai Chi Spear

Here the art of Chen Style Tai Chi Spear is demonstrated by Chen Zhenglei the world famous teacher.
Chen-style Taichi Spear is also called "Pear-spear plus White Ape cudgel", which is one of the long weapons.

It combines the characteristics of the spear and the cudgel. In real combat it has the effect of the spear thrusting in a line and the cudgel sweeping on a plain. With the use of Taichi Chuan twining and sticking it is called "Chen style Taichi Spear". The routine of this spear is well knitted and cohesive with special features. Main movements are thrust, block, hold, parry, chop, sweep, twist and press. The play really embodies the magic and unimaginable power of "Pear-spear plus white Ape cudgel".

Chen spear taolu
Starting Form
Chop twice forward
Return with half step
Drop like water
Step backward and hold the Pipa
Full step forward
Sweep to the right
Pierce twice


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