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Yang Style Tai Chi 40 Forms(2)

Yang Style Tai Chi is presently the most popular Tai Chi in China. Inspired from the Yang Style Big Frame which has the characteristics of stretching, concision, relaxing and balancing. The set of Yang Style Tai Chi chuan Competition 40 Forms Taolu was made by famous Tai Chi masters organized by Wushu Researching Institute of National Sports Commission based on the principles of tradition, science and competition. It includes 40 postures, featuring Yang Style Big Frame , some repeating and superfluous movements erased and some balancing movements added.
Mr. Li Deyin, famous international Wushu referee, explains and Mr. Kong Xiangdong, winner of World Wushu Tournament Man's Tai Chi, performs.

Complete 40 Forms
Needle at the sea bottom.
Brush knee and twist step on both sides.
Flashing Tong Bei
Hand strums Pipa
Strike opponents ears with both fists.
Turn and kick
Lift up left leg
Left right hold tiger




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