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Chen Style Tai Chi Spring & Autumn Falchion

Here Chen Style Tai Chi Spring &Autumn Falchion is performed by Chen Zhenglei world famous teacher.

Chen-style Spring and Autumn Falchion is also called Lower Moon Falchion, which is one of the middle-long weapons of Chen-style Tai Chi weapons. The name of the routine consists of thirty chants. The movements are reasonably arranged. They are chop, cut, poke, parry, thrust, intercept, press, push, slice, block and swing in figure-8 form, which are conducted very clearly. When practicing, you must have a sound command of boxing skills, especially you should have a strong and powerful waist, legs and arms.

Chen Spring & Autumn Falchion Taolu
General Kwan crosses the bridge
Polish the flag and embrace moon
Sweep three times and frighten Cao Cao
Return, loosen the wrist and chop
Turn back from the right and stand firm
Sweep white cloud, wild returning again
Raise Green Dragon and watch the dead
Offer wine, pick robe and return rapidly


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